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Scripta Lands Major Contract

June 28, 2010 – Ourlife Health secures multi-year deal to implement health and wellness programming for the employees of Gulfstream Aerospace, Savannah’s largest employer.

The Savannah Business Journal was among those to report on Ourlife Health’s early success in driving prescription savings on behalf of self-funded employers and their employees. Scripta was founded by Dr. Paul S. Bradley and a group of Savannah physicians, making its debut in 2010 as “S.A.V.E. Rx.”

Initially, Gulfstream employees received a customized, confidential S.A.V.E. Rx medication report, which they were encouraged to share with their personal physician. The intent was to empower them to make better informed decisions about medication options, with a view to controlling out-of-pocket costs.

At the time of the announcement, Dr. Bradley said, “With physician involvement, medication costs can be effectively lowered and patient compliance improved – and that leads to improved long-term outcomes. Ourlife occupies a unique niche in the health care industry because we offer our clients a proven product that helps patients and their doctors more easily identify ‘The Best Meds at the Best Price.’”

The article also quotes Paul Dellinger, Gulfstream’s Director of Environmental Health and Safety, “We are pleased to offer our employees this new product as another benefit of our Partners 2 Health Program. Ourlife offers a turnkey solution to helping our employees improve their health and wellness while potentially reducing employee and employer costs.”


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