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Weight-loss drugs:
the scale gets heavier for self-insured plans

By Dr. Paul Bradley, Chief Medical Officer 

Weight-loss drugs are exploding in popularity and usage—causing unexpected spikes in Rx benefit costs. In this article, our co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Paul Bradley, a practicing internist, provides unique insights for self-insured employers and plans as they weigh the risks versus benefits of covering this expensive new class of medications.

Consumers in Pain Over High Rx Prices, Ready to Take Action & in Need of Better Tools

Scripta surveyed 372 respondents, ages 18-60+, to delve deeper into American attitudes and behaviors around prescription drug pricing in Q1 2021. All respondents have health insurance through their employer and take one or more prescription drugs on a regular monthly basis. Ninety-six percent are willing to make a prescription change to save money on Rx. 

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Self-Insured Employers: Making the Tough Decisions on Pharmacy Benefits

As employees make 2020-2021 healthcare elections, pharmacy benefits decision-makers reveal the method behind their plans. Scripta Insights surveyed 77 HR professionals at self-insured companies in August 2020. Their companies have a range of eligible employees from less than 1,000 to 10,000 or more. Results show employers and members could be saving a lot more on Rx.

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