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Our History
Dr. Paul Bradley Tells Our Founding Story | Scripta Insights

Dr. Paul Bradley Tells Our Founding Story | Scripta Insights

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Mindy & Dr. Paul Bradley started Scripta Insights because they were tired of being left in the dark when it came to prescription drug pricing. They found Dr. Bradley’s patients often couldn’t afford, and therefore weren’t adhering to, the prescriptions they needed to take.

Dr. Bradley, working with his wife, Mindy, a CPA, recruited other physicians in nearly every specialty, and began to devise strategies for their patients to save money on prescription drugs, and to code these strategies into a database (the foundation of Script.AI).

The Bradleys began offering consulting services and, when working with a local municipality, they realized that a single PBM optimization insight could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on pharmacy benefits. It was the “ah-ha” moment they needed to launch an industry-changing business.

Today, Scripta continues on the Bradleys’ mission to deliver all patients the Right Meds at the Best Price.
Scripta Today
Scripta is a venture-backed company with offices in Boston, New York City and Savannah. Our team and board experience represent the best of a cross-section of medicine, business and technology.

We’re a doctor-driven organization at heart. We’re founded by doctors and continue to be guided by the insights from our P&T Committee of more than 20 doctors and PharmDs.

We are a healthcare IT and data analytics company. Our proprietary software, Script.AI, was developed over a decade and is able to stay on top of the constantly changing prescription drug marketplace.

We use technology to empower and educate payers and members. We offer Scripta solutions and insights to Employers, Consultants, TPAs, Health Plans and Members, delivering significant, and immediate savings to payers.

We’ve already saved payers and members millions of dollars on prescriptions...and we’re just getting started!

We're on a mission to reduce the cost of Rx for employers & their employees.
Our Investors
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CEAS Investments
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Contour Venture Partners
Eastside Partners
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Pleasant Bay Capital Partners
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