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Your clients need help controlling pharmacy spend–finally, the member engagement tool you need to get it done


We know companies and HR departments love their benefits consultants, and we do too! That’s why we partner with only the best brokers and consultants to help solve your clients' needs. By revealing the complete set of prescription savings options to members, without changing PBMs or policies, we solve the “last-mile” problem for plan members who want to save money on Rx.

Scripta Makes it Easy:

  • We are completely independent and working hand in hand with you to deliver the help your clients need (unlike our competitors which are owned by big organizations that may have goals that don’t align with yours)

  • Our Rx-focused member engagement platform offers a plug-and-play tool that seamlessly integrates into your existing portfolio of solutions. Our products are the most flexible and customizable in the industry to ensure they align at every touchpoint with your clients' current solutions and cultural considerations

  • We give you a powerful differentiator in the market, so you can win and keep business

  • We deliver rapid results for your clients and consistent ROI year after year

Help your members. Improve your benefits. Save money. 

Give us your data, our free savings analysis will show you how we can help your plan, and your members.

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