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Our Med Mapper AI software

We brought doctors, pharmacists, data analysts, and coders together over the course of a decade to create an AI platform with the brains of 60+ doctors that reveals cost-effective medications. 

With up-to-date intelligence: tracking new meds & price changes

Our AI-powered software has mapped nearly every drug on the market to multiple ways to save with the input and oversight of our very human Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee. That may include generics, therapeutic alternatives, coupons or third-party cash pay options.

  • 17,000 meds & med devices mapped to savings opportunities

  • Generic, brand, specialty, OTC & supplies categories 

  • All drug forms, from injectables to infusions 


Building it was complicated...

Using it is easy.

How it works




Scripta ingests your Rx benefits data 

Including eligibility, formulary, plan design, PBM contract and Rx claims, down to the zip code 

The AI powered software gets to work 

Scripta’s Med Mapper™ identifies lower-priced alternatives, based on clinical data, formulary & plan pricing 

Rx savings opportunities are revealed 

Members and plan sponsors see all the ways to save, from therapeutic alternatives to coupons.

Scripta_ReportCollection_2024_SalesDeck 2.png

And it’s fully customizable to you.


A flexible partner,
with a flexible solution.

We built a powerful software that can be adapted seamlessly to fit your organization’s unique needs and objectives, considering your:

  • Plan design 

  • Corporate culture 

  • Vendors & systems in place, and

  • Any existing cost containment solutions

Let's get to work. Contact us.

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