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Costly New Cancer Drugs

Did you know:

As noted in the Wall Street Journal, much of the rise in US spending on drugs can be traced to a new class of “specialty” drugs. Indeed, the first nine months of 2012 saw a 22.6% spike in spending for such drugs, many of which are injectible cancer drugs.

The fact is that the new cancer drugs are more expensive than ever. A list of recent approvals inlcudes:

  • Dendreon’s prostate drug Provenge at $93,000

  • Pfizer’s targeted lung-cancer treatment Xalkori is $115,000 a year

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb’s melanoma drug Yervoy is $120,000 per year

  • Roche’s targeted melanoma med Zelboraf is $56,000 for a 6-month course.

Know what it costs,

Paul S. Bradley, Scripta

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