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Empathy Is a Healthy Workforce

Most executives agree that business success is tied to empathy in the workplace. Scripta offers companies one more way to show that they care.

Most any HR professional will tell you that skyrocketing healthcare and prescription drug prices are necessarily complicating benefit plan design—this at a time when polling shows that only 31% of employees are engaged at work. Cause and effect? Who knows. But there is no question that companies are urgently looking for new ways to engage and motivate employees and to signal empathy in the workplace.

Katie Kuehner-Herbert, writing on behalf of Benefits Pro, notes that according to Businessolver’s 2018 State of Workplace Empathy study, most CEOs and 79% of HR professionals see a link between financial performance and empathy in the workplace. It makes sense: demonstrating empathy draws people together and creates an esprit de corps. Plus, engaged workers work better, and that can yield benefits for an entire organization.

Businessolver surveyed 1,850 workers across a range of industries, virtually all of whom (96%) consider it important for their employers to demonstrate empathy. It’s not just warm fuzzies. Empathy is about the day-to-day. It means communicating to employees in more personal ways, yes, but empathy should also drive business and benefits policies that reflect an employer’s thoughtful investment in all of those covered lives.

The problem for HR professionals today is that employees dealing with high deductibles and ballooning out-of-pocket costs and co-pays aren’t looking to Big Pharma for answers. Your PBM doesn’t feel the heat. Current employees look to HR and to the boss for answers, and meanwhile their job performance may suffer. Their health may suffer, leading to absenteeism. (New recruits, of course, are free to look around for a better deal.)

Now, Scripta is making a difference.

Our technology solutions help employers save up to 30% on their pharmacy benefit spend… but we agree with Businessolver’s conclusions: technology can only unite and engage employees if it is designed in an empathetic way. That’s why we’re so proud of our Employee Engagement programs. By helping your employees make informed prescription spending decisions—and saving them money—Scripta drives both workplace wellness and workforce productivity. Everybody wins. (And isn’t that what empathy is all about?)



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