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Healthcare Waste is Costing Payers Billions

Healthcare waste costs $750 billion per year, and most employers aren’t doing anything about it. Are you one of them?

According to a survey commissioned by the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, some 60% of employers don’t take steps to manage their healthcare plan’s wasteful spending.

The NAHPC is a non-profit, membership association representing more than 12,000 healthcare purchasers and 45 million Americans. President and CEO, Michael Thompson notes that, “While waste has long been identified as a key concern and cost contributor, employers are operating blind and need to look at a more disciplined approach to address top drivers that influence waste.”

Healthcare Waste Costs Billions

Among the categories most directly associated with waste: out-of-control prescription drug pricing and specialty drugs.

At Scripta, we know that the savings opportunities are right there in your PBM data, but we also know that it takes a great deal of expertise to mine that data put it to work. Perhaps that is why only 7% of the employers surveyed could say, “Yes, our organization internally collects and analyzes data to track waste.”

Worse, as Employee Benefit News put it: “Most employers don’t monitor unnecessary healthcare spending. The 34% of employers who do rely entirely on their healthcare vendors to do it for them, trusting that it’s being taken care of.”

That’s where Scripta can help.

Scripta’s team has been analyzing pharmacy benefits data for nearly a decade now. Armed with insights derived from our best-in-class technology, we know where to look to find savings. As importantly, we know how to prevent unpleasant surprises because we understand the games PBMs play when you’re not looking over their shoulders.




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