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Introducing Arimidex Direct

Here’s a new twist:

Pharma has a new business model and, amazingly, the patients win!

Arimidex went off patent in 2010. In response, drug maker AstraZeneca launched a direct-to-patient sales program for their branded breast cancer drug. The company’s “Arimidex Direct” plan now offers U.S. patients a month’s supply at $30 – $1 a day! – with the orders fulfilled and shipped by Eagle Pharmacy.

If you buy the branded drug at the pharmacy, the price is about $639 per month. The generic, anastrozole, is $12/month, so it seems like AstraZeneca has decided that a little money coming directly to them is better than nothing.

A new Pharma strategy is born!

Paul S. Bradley, Scripta

ScripTips is a free service provided to physicians and other caregivers by Dr. Paul S. Bradley. Prescription savings drive patient compliance, and Scripta helps make sure your patients are getting “The Best Meds at the Best Price.”


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