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Old made new again (AGAIN)!

Did you know:

Generic Paxil – paroxitine hydrochloride – has been available on the $4 plans for some time.

We now have Pexeva, which is paroxitine mesylate.

What’s the difference? Clinically, I am not sure. The NIH, via Pub Med Health, groups it all as paroxitine. The patent on Pexeva, however, says you can’t substitute one for the other at the drugstore.

I can tell you the difference in price (which is getting worse, not better): Pexeva (paroxitine mesylate) is about $5196/year, while paroxitine hydrochloride (Paxil) is $40!

Don’t fall for the shell game,

Paul S. Bradley, Scripta

ScripTips is a free service provided to physicians and other caregivers by Dr. Paul S. Bradley. Prescription savings drive patient compliance, and Scripta helps make sure your patients are getting “The Best Meds at the Best Price.”


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