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Did you know:

According to the industry newsletter FiercePharma, even when the economy was at its worst, branded drug prices were up – way up.

“Prices for the AARP’s 217 selected drugs that are commonly used by older Americans increased an average of 8.3 percent in 2009. That’s the biggest one-year increase in years, the New York Times reports. And it comes at a time when overall inflation was negative.”

People get sick even in a recession, but what happens if they can’t afford their meds?

ScripTips is here to help you help them get “The Best Meds at the Best Price,”


ScripTips is a free service provided to physicians and other caregivers by Dr. Paul S. Bradley. Prescription savings drive patient compliance, and Scripta helps make sure your patients are getting “The Best Meds at the Best Price.” 


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