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Every Member. Every Transaction. Every Day.™
Here’s Why Things Feel Out of Control 

Many prescriptions now cost more than a decent used car

There were 4,412 price increases vs. 46 price cuts on brand name drugs in the first 6 months of 2019

gallon of milk would cost $74 if prices had risen at the rate of Rx prices since 1972

The average price of a generic drug launched in 2019 was $796

How are payers supposed to stay on top of this constantly changing market, let alone afford to pay? 

Meet Scripta.

We're on a mission to reduce the cost of Rx for employers & their employees.


Over the last decade, our team of doctors and pharmacists has developed advanced technology that creates unprecedented transparency for payers and gives members powerful tools. We work with you, your benefits consultant and your PBM to optimize spending and eliminate waste.

So you regain control of your pharmacy benefit spend, while helping your members better afford their medicines. 

All without Changing PBMs

How can I work with Scripta?

Our Software Identifies Up to 46% Savings Opportunity —

Saving You 15% on Pharmacy Benefits within 12 Months!

Data Analytics

Our advanced patent-pending technology uses AI, software & big data to analyze each and every pharmacy transaction for you—if there's an opportunity to save you money, we'll find it!

Doctor Insights

Our P&T Committee of 25+ doctors & pharmacists has mapped every drug on the market to every possible way to save. They constantly update our proprietary Drug Savings Database.

Seamless Integration

We work collaboratively with your PBM and benefits consultant to develop a plan design and savings strategies for your company and your members—without having to change your PBM.

Real Savings

It’s not just auditing or more data points. We provide you with actionable insights combined with clear strategies that deliver real savings. Our clients save millions on prescriptions each year!


Member Savings Benefit

Scripta reviews your members’ prescriptions and generates Personalized Savings Reports that identify lower-priced drug options to discuss with their doctors. This helps the doctor and patient make better informed decisions together, saving money for both the member and your company.


We also provide various marketing tools and work with you to create custom member engagement campaigns around this new member benefit. Broad communications are designed to generate awareness, educate and empower members to be better buyers, while targeted campaigns for savers can focus on specific strategies or disease management.


Pharmacy Savings Realized

Check out how we've saved clients millions on prescriptions!


Our Script.AI software reviews every pharmacy claim, compares it to your PBM contract and plan design, and considers proprietary data from our Drug Savings Database, analyzing millions of data transactions in mere seconds to yield maximum employee and employer savings.

Scripta’s Drug Savings Database is constantly updated by our P&T Committee with the most current drug pricing. It maps all drugs in the market to one or more ways to save, utilizing more than 40 different Scripta savings strategies.

Help your members. Improve your benefits. Save money. 

Give us your data, our free savings analysis will show you how we can help your plan, and your members.

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